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Managed WiFi

Is the Wi-Fi signal in one room of your home weaker than the others?


Do you want a stronger, more reliable home Wi-Fi network?


Managed Wi-Fi from Netsync gives you just that and without the headache of constant maintenance. Our Wi-Fi experts do all the monitoring for you. As a result you get better service with little effort.

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We use the latest innovations in Wi-Fi equipment from our partner Calix. This state-of-the-art technology has a variety of features that let us improve your signal, including:

Real-time analytics and usage

Through a convenient dashboard, our specialists can see where your bandwidth is being used and which of your devices use it the most. So you can determine if certain devices need to be hardwired to your router.


Smart Check System

Through the Calix Support Cloud, we can quickly detect exactly where the source of the problem is in your system. As a result we can get you an immediate resolution to your problem.



Our Calix equipment comes with self-healing technology. So your device can detect external factors that interfere with your service – like a neighbor’s wireless router hogging up air space – and can automatically adjust its settings to fix the problem.


For instance if several devices in your neighborhood are using the same frequency, the Calix GigaSpire Blast u6 will detect it. In response it will switch to another channel with less traffic. Above all this process is done automatically, without any interruption to your service.


*Only applies to 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n) wireless

Starting as Low As






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Calix GigaSpire Blast u6

Calix GigaSpire Blast u6

Wi-Fi Assessments




One-time payment


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Uncertain if Managed Wi-Fi is right for you? Have a Netsync® Wi-Fi expert perform a Wi-Fi Assessment!

You can learn ways to get more out of your Internet. First, our Wi-Fi experts will find the weak points in your existing home network. After that, we can make a turn-key plan to improve your signal with hosted access points to expand coverage into the areas of your home that aren’t covered by your router alone. Afterwards, you’ll have a better idea of why your home network isn’t as strong as it should be, and can make adjustments to improve it as needed.

No Existing Wi-Fi: Includes premises visit, consultation & proposal for a package to add Wi-Fi. Proposal could include upgrade of modem to the VR3033U or VR3060U, addition of hardwired access points if necessary, recommendation to hard wire certain devices to improve streaming experience, powerline adapters to extend service, etc.

Existing Wi-Fi: Includes heat map of current coverage, identification of possible interferers and proposal to enhance Wi-Fi service. Proposal could include any or all of the following; relocation of existing Wi-Fi router to improve coverage, upgrade of existing router to 802.11 AC dual band radio, addition of hardwired access points, recommendation to hard wire certain devices to improve streaming experience, powerline adapters to extend service, etc.

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