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Hosted VoIP

Give your customers a great experience, and your employees the tools for success.


Hosted VoIP Solutions from DFT Communications give you the tools and flexibility to enhance your customer interactions. With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you can say good bye to traditional cords and cables and hello to crystal clear sound that won’t break your budget.





Unlimited local, long distance, call forwarding, voicemail, speed dial, shared call, extension dialing





Unlimited local, long distance, Precision Plan features plus: presence, IM, and mobility





Unlimited local, long distance, Professional Plan features plus: desktop sharing, web meeting, unlimited audio conferencing

*Pricing as of 08/2020 and subject to change.

Enterprise Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a telephony service, where an Intranet Private Branch Exchange (IPBX) is not placed in the company itself, but is provided from a server in a data center. The VoIP phones in the company generally communicate with the IPBX server over a broadband Internet connection.


The result is a more flexible system with more features and service options.


Cost Savings

Savings with a hosted voice solution such as VoIP are significant and include long distance charges, monthly access costs, equipment purchase, and maintenance.



Applications available on a VoIP system can significantly improve employee communications resulting in improved overall employee productivity.



VoIP solutions allow companies to take advantage of upgraded technology without having to replace systems internally. Instead the provider does it for you at the data centers.


Basic Features (Class 5)

All the basic phone functions like caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, 3-way calling, redial, do not disturb, speed dial and hook flash.


e911 Service

Local emergency operator assistance.


Extension Dialing

Using a 2 to 6 digit extension, users can call coworkers within their company regardless of location.



• International Extensions

• Receptionist

• Skill Based Routing Queues

• Mobile Extensions

• Call Recording

• Call Reporting

• Unified Messaging (voicemail to Email)

• Video Phones

Hosted VoIP

Phone systems are still just as needed today as they were decades ago. But, as with all telecommunications, technology has advanced exponentially. So, whether you need to do a simple upgrade to an old system, or completely revamp your entire office telephony structure, DFT has the answer for you. Our qualified team will help you select a new system that fits in your budget and does what you need it to do – provide a way for you to do business.

This phone is part of the extensive business phone system DFT installed for the City of Dunkirk.

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