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Security Alert: AT&T Data Breach

Another big tech firm falls to hackers. This time, telecommunications giant, AT&T, just reported that data from over 73 million of its customers (current and former) were stolen and sold on the dark web. Most of those affected (65.4 million) were customers from 2019 or earlier, but all those impacted were notified that personal data including Social Security Numbers had been stolen.


In addition to the personal information, AT&T has let customers know that passcodes may also have been compromised and recommends that all customers update their passcodes immediately. As noted in previous Data Breach features, changing passwords is great practice after a hack (even if your data wasn’t specifically targeted) AND on a regular basis. The cyber team that investigated this hack noted that some leaked data included encrypted passwords that were “very easy to decipher.” As a refresher:


  • Update passwords often (and always after an attack).
  • Choose tough to guess passwords that include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Avoid passwords with patterns (1,2,3 or Q,W,E,R,T).
  • Use two-factor verification whenever possible.


Although no financial information was stolen during this particular hack, it’s always smart to check with your bank following such an attack. Check for unusual charges, ensure you’re set up with your bank’s fraud detection department, and update your online banking password for good measure.