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Outages and Scheduled Maintenance

View the status of any known outages, or maintenance to any of our services. Or report an outage by filling out the form below.

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There are no current outages at this time. If you are experiencing an outage, please fill out the form below or call our repair line at 716-673-3011.



DFT Communications Telephony Switch Upgrade

Date: 7/27/21 – 7/28/21

Time: 11pm – 6am


Network Operations will be upgrading DFT’s C15 Class 5 Telephony Switch and related port modules from Version 16 to Version 17.  This upgrade impacts all PSTN/POTs/VoIP/Trunk customers and or users. During the upgrade events, services will be switched between Active / Standby control modules multiple times throughout the maintenance window. During these switching events, calls in progress have the potential to be interrupted.  Calls being attempted during the switching event could potentially fail and require the customer to redial.

Customers do not need to make changes to their CPE or Endpoints.


DSL System Maintenance

Date: 7/28/21

Time: 1am-6am

Description: DFT Network Operations will be performing maintenance on all xDSL systems throughout the Fredonia and Cassadaga Telephone service areas listed.  During this time, customers may experience interruptions with their service.


Sites & Areas Impacted –

  • Adams Road
  • Concord & Maytum Road
  • Hahn Road
  • Laona Area
  • Miller Road
  • Route 39 & Center Road
  • Route 83 & Center Road
  • Sheridan Area
  • Service Building Area
  • Straight & Center Road
  • VanBuren Area
  • West Main Road

This maintenance will not impact Fiber to Premise, Dialtone (unless VoIP over xDSL), Dedicated, WiMAX, and other non-xDSL services.

Customers should not make any changes to their equipment, routers, and endpoints.  Please contact your account representative or repair for further information.

To report an outage, please fill out the form below.