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Tips on Powering Up Your Password

May 2nd is World Password Day. On this day, across the country, people change Password to Pa$$word and think their job is done. They upgrade from MapleStreet1 to MapleStreet2 and think the hackers have been appeased. But no! There’s so much more to be done!


As always, keep the following in mind when you update your passwords (plural, since you should never use the same password for every site/app):

  • Use a combination of 12-14 upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Avoid words that can be found in dictionaries or that are fictional places and people.
  • Choose a password very different from your last (not a small variation).
  • Never use names or birthdates of yourself or your family members.


Another great (and fun) tip is to create passwords by combining things that are personal to you but impossible for a stranger to guess. Think:


Something from your bedroom + something from your car = 3NewPillowsBrokenAC!




A summer activity + a favorite place = #WaterSkeez_BahstonHahbuh*


The key is keeping it random. Hackers (and their robot friends) have lots of tools and tricks at their disposal to crack your passwords. Choosing clever, complex, and ever-changing passwords is the key to stopping hackers in their tracks.


If you need help creating random passwords or just plain remembering them, you can also download a password manager program like Password Genie. These programs are invaluable for frequent internet users and even keep your passwords secure with high level encryption!