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Tips on Powering Up Your Password

May 2nd is World Password Day. On this day, across the country, people change Password to Pa$$word and think their job is done. They upgrade from MapleStreet1 to MapleStreet2 and...

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Security Alert: AT&T Data Breach

Another big tech firm falls to hackers. This time, telecommunications giant, AT&T, just reported that data from over 73 million of its customers (current and former) were stolen and sold...

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Celebrating Women in Science and Technology

Technology is an amazing thing. Sometimes it leaps and bounds forward with spectacular breakthroughs, and sometimes it advances with seemingly simple steps that change our daily life forever. This International...

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Hacked! A Spooky Halloween Tale

Once upon a midnight dreary, a connected consumer grew nervous and weary. He mailed in his hair (and not for free!), to the family tree company, 23andMe. No specter took...

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This October is National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month which raises awareness around bullying and encourages kids to embrace kindness and inclusion. While bullying has always existed, cyberbullying presents new challenges. On social media,...

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What to Do When Your Child Bullies

It can be heartbreaking to realize this is happening. Parents can be left wondering how this behavior started and how they didn’t notice it sooner. At DFT and Bark, we...

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