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Security Alert: AT&T Data Breach

Another big tech firm falls to hackers. This time, telecommunications giant, AT&T, just reported that data from over 73 million of its customers (current and former) were stolen and sold...

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Celebrating Women in Science and Technology

Technology is an amazing thing. Sometimes it leaps and bounds forward with spectacular breakthroughs, and sometimes it advances with seemingly simple steps that change our daily life forever. This International...

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Spring into Tidied up Tech

It’s that time again! Time to sweep out the cobwebs and the empty pizza boxes that got us through the cold winter, and breathe some fresh air into our homes...

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Tips to Setup a Smart Home

There’s something cozy about coming home to a nice, warm house, lights aglow in the window and greeted with a soothing, “Welcome, home, family!” From your genius smart house robot!   These...

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How to Choose a VPN

The list of negative side effects of the COVID pandemic seem to be never-ending, and now we can add the explosion of cyberattacks on our home office to the list....

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Tips for Backing Up Your Digital Files

Be Better at Backing Up

We know you do it. You are in the middle of something super important when you get a pop-up asking if you want to back up your files/phone. You X...

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