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For further support with your system set up and operation, contact technical support at 716-672-5100.

GigaSpire BLAST Setup

How to Set Up Your System

Setting Up Your WiFi and App

CommandIQ App Basics

An introduction to the Main Dashboard on your App

An Introduction to the Main Menu in Your App

Setting up a Guest Network

Setting up Basic Parental Controls

Learn About Connected Devices in Your Network

Performing a Bandwidth Test Using the App

View Network Usage with the App

Learn about the Settings Menu in the App

How to Change Your Network Name and Password

How to Enable and Disable Applications Using the App


How to Set Up ExperienceIQ Profiles

Learn how to Add Content Restrictions in ExperienceIQ

How to set Time Limits with ExperienceIQ

How to View Usage with ExperienceIQ

About Notifications for ExperienceIQ

How to Set Up My Priorities in ExperienceIQ


Learn More About ProtectIQ – Network Security