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DFT Continues Partnership with Resideo Home Security

For decades, DFT Security has been bringing Western New York homeowners comfort by maintaining a reputation as home security experts. Through innovation, outstanding customer service and solid reliability, residents around the area have come to rely on DFT Security to protect the most valuable commodity available – peace of mind.


Partnerships with industry leaders is a key component to providing quality service in any area, and home security is no exception. DFT Security partnered years ago with Honeywell services, a company on the forefront of home security, smart homes, and home technology. Recently, Honeywell, who provides both commercial and residential security, launched a rebranded residential division under the new name of ‘Resideo.’


“We want our customers to know that even with the change of name, our quality of service won’t change,” said Brian Azzarella, DFT’s Security Services Manager. “Resideo may be a new brand name, but our product supply line stays the same. We’re excited to work with Resideo’s branch and leadership.”


Shown above is Darlene Charles, DFT Security Office Manager and Brian Azzarella, DFT Security Services Manager with the announcement of the continued partnership between DFT Security and the now Residio Home Security services.

DFT Home Security is a leader in Western New York at providing quality security options for homeowners. They offer monitored security systems, security camera installation, sump-pump and basement flood detection systems, fire monitoring, and carbon monoxide alert systems. In addition, their expertise on the ever-growing smart-home market has proven to be a staple for people with budgets of all sizes.


“We can provide many smart-home options besides the conventional security services we offer,” said Azzarella. “More and more, people want to be able to manage their homes from smart phones. We can provide not only mobile access to our traditional security systems, but also access to many smart systems.”


For those wanting more information on smart home systems, or who want more information on bringing that invaluable peace of mind, a simple phone call or click is an easy first step.


“Our installation packages start at low prices, and our monthly monitoring is less than our competition,” said Azzarella. “We can start with a basic system and increase it as you go or do everything right off the bat. It’s really up to the customer to decide how much protection they want.”


If you’d like more information, go to or call (716) 673-3070.


About DFT Communications


Over the past 121 years, we’ve updated equipment, expanded services and added subscribers. DFT Communications and Netsync offer residential and business Internet Services, Digital Phone Service, Business Telephone Systems, Security Systems, IT Management Services and Wireless Communications. DFT has proven itself as a premier service provider in Chautauqua County and throughout Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the services offered by DFT Communications by going to or visiting our offices and The Netsync Store at 38 Temple Street in downtown Fredonia.