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Phishing Awareness

Security 101: Phishing Awareness

A letter from a secret admirer? A note from your bank about your account? An email from your boss asking for help? An email you don’t recognize or weren’t expecting COULD be a phishing scam. In other words, a spam email written in such a way to entice you to click on a link or download a virus. The best protection against phishing is awareness! Click the play button below to check out our Security 101 video on phishing awareness.

Or view it on our Youtube channel here.



Phishing scams can rob you of your personal files. At best, they put your computer out of commission with malware and viruses. If you need  help with virus or spyware removal, give The Netsync Store a call. Our staff is trained in the latest data recovery and IT skills to get your computer up and running again. We can offer suggestions of security software to help protect you from future attacks. As well as cloud based storage solutions to back up your files. So you won’t lose out on precious family photos, important documents or anything else you keep on your computer.