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With a historic election just 48 days away, there’s plenty of buzz about policy and personality, records and revelations, but this is also an election like no other in history because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. This means that even if you already have your heart set on a candidate, “voting” may mean something very different than strolling up to the polling station on November 3rd! The good news is there are websites and apps that will make sure you are informed, registered, and ready to vote!


Am I Registered?

Check Simply enter your name and address and this site confirms if you are registered or not. If you aren’t registered, scroll down to the link or phone number for your state’s election commission and learn what to do next.


Where is my polling place? How do I vote absentee?

Each state has its own Election Commission and their websites have everything you need to know about how to vote in your state. Just a few questions you can answer here:


• What is the deadline for registering to vote?

• Can I mail in my vote? How do I request a ballot? Can I drop it off or do I have to mail it? What’s the deadline?

• Where is my polling station?

• Can I vote early in-person? Where do I go and do I need an excuse?

• Have you received my vote? Has it been tallied yet?


How do I get texts or emails from my candidate?

Easy! Simply visit the candidate’s website and sign up for how you would like to be contacted. Some candidates also allow you to select the frequency of contact.


How do I get the texts to stop?

The nearer we get to the election, the more campaigns will ramp up their communication. When you’ve had enough, just reply STOP or CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE.


How do I know who’s telling the truth?

We’re surrounded by opinion, spin, and hyperbole so how do we know what’s true? Download the FactStream app to fact-check claims and news. A joint effort by three of the top fact-checking organizations (Washington Post, PolitiFact, and, FactStream allows you to look up claims made by candidates and even fact-check speeches and debates in real time.


It’s a crazy time, but technology is making it easier than ever to stay informed, fact-check your candidates, and most importantly get registered and to make your vote count!