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Valentine's Day Tech to fall in love with

Valentine’s Day Tech to Fall in Love With

Flowers fade, chocolate ruins resolutions so why not show your sweetie some love this Valentine’s Day with some to-die-for new tech? The right technology can keep you in touch with a partner who’s far from home or help you find a new love, so log in, switch on, or plug in for a tech-boosted Valentine’s to remember.



This adorable wooden box looks like a simple jewelry box, but it has a mirrored top which displays messages sent by your honey. A bright red heart spins on the front when a new message has arrived. (



If you want to share one book of sonnets, hit the local bookshop. If you want to share ALL the books of sonnets, get a Kindle. Throughout the year, you can recommend books, share delicious stanzas, and build your library together. (



Available in a wide array of sizes and functions, the Portal by Facebook is an Alexa-enabled screen that lets you video chat with friends and family, turn on some love songs, or even animate your children’s favorite bedtime stories when you can’t be there.


Smart Watches

Whether you choose an Apple Watch, a Samsung compatible watch, or the new Amazfit GTS, a smartwatch has all the makings of the perfect romantic gift. It says, “Now we can both be on time for our date,” it lets you text and chat all day, and you can even set fitness goals and keep each other on track with calorie and step counting as well as heart rate monitoring. Be still my beating heart!


Nintendo Switch

Yes, your kids will love this handheld gaming device, but your sweetheart will definitely appreciate the nostalgic vibe of games like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. The system comes with a Joy-Con that provides a controller each for two players or you can use your wi-fi to connect two Switches for seamless fun.


But what if Valentine’s Day isn’t your cup of tea? If you’re not feeling all pink and red and prefer a few minutes to yourself this February 14th, look no further:

Why not treat yourself to a movie this year? This site lets you book your seat in advance, find hard to get tickets, and get bonus points toward free tickets. Own this romantic holiday with a little sci fi fantasy or something with lots of unromantic explosions!


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones

When you just can’t take another question from your mother about how you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day, don Skullcandy’s new noise isolating headphones that boast a full 40 hours of battery life. They come in deep red if you’re feeling festive—and blackest black if you’re not. (

No one know what sets your heart aflutter more than you, right? Well, you and SpaFinder. Simply pick your location—local or somewhere exotic—and choose what sort of decadent service you’d like, and this site does the rest. From a mani/pedis down the road to a chakra balancing and mud bath at a spa in the Santa Catalina Mountains, this site will help you make this holiday special.