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An Open Letter to the Community

In light of the recent events and decisions made by the Village of Fredonia Board, we wish to state that the article released by the Dunkirk Observer on June 20th, 2021, was very misleading, reported incorrectly and perceived improperly. DFT Communications does feel that the bidding process for the project was very unfair, but we accept the board’s decision and are ready to move on.


Additionally, the situation regarding the issue with the telephone poles that was reported in the before mentioned article has absolutely nothing at all to do with the bid decision process. That conversation has been an ongoing 3-year-old issue that should have never been brought into the recent events.


DFT Communications is very proud or our 123 years of service to the Village of Fredonia and the surrounding communities and it is our intention to continue to provide the highest level of products and services and customer service that is part of our proud history. We care about our customers, and we care about our community and will continue to support and feel strong about the communities we serve.


We continue to invest millions of dollars in technology and upgrades which is very evident in our recent fiber optic build throughout the Village of Fredonia. We believe in our communities and will continue to support them not only in business but also in our community service. With over 60 employees who live and work in these communities, we continue to give our time, energy, and financial support by reinvesting in our communities through our DFT Communications/RMM Golf Tournament Community Betterment Fund.  None of our competitors in the area show that kind of support to this community.


We have received and are very thankful for all the kind support we have seen from the community these past weeks in response to the recent events.  We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported DFT Communications over the years and allowed us to give back to our community in return. Providing outstanding support is – and always will be – a core value of DFT Communications as a company. This goes beyond the high standard of customer support we provide for those who choose to do business with us. We also aim to be an outstanding supporter and advocate for the community we have been a part of for so long. We promise to continue to give back to the local organizations and programs that help to build a strong and connected community.


Sincerest Thanks,

The Staff and Management of DFT Communications