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This simple step can save you time and money.

It’s summer in Western New York. That means everyone’s long-awaited outdoor projects are either already or about to get underway.


Maybe you’ve been there before. You’ve got time off requested from work. You’ve got the tools and equipment you need to get the job done. You start digging to put in the new deck posts or extend the garden, or even install that shiny new mailbox. Then – the worst happens.


You hit an underground utility line. Suddenly you and your neighbors are, at best, without essential services like home phone and Internet. And, at worst, you smell gas and a simple project because a home safety emergency.


It sounds extreme, but it happens frequently around the country. To protect yourself, your family and your community, a simple phone call is all it takes.



The logos are all over the place – call 811 before you dig. But why? It’s simple, really. A quick free phone call to 811 from any landline or mobile phone notifies every utility company who has lines on or around your property.


Within two to three days, they’ll come out and mark where their lines or equipment run. When you dig, simply dig around these markers.


It can be inconvenient to wait a few days to start your project, especially if you’ve already taken time off of work, or have a quick window of time with the weather. That’s why planning is key – if you’re planning to do a project this summer, call 811 now to prepare ahead of time.


If you have additional questions on the Call 811 Before You Dig process, give us DFT Communications a call at 673-3000. Or visit from any web browser. It’s a crucial step in the summer project process, for both homeowners and for contractors.


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Over the past 121 years, we’ve updated equipment, expanded services and added subscribers. DFT Communications and Netsync offer residential and business Internet Services, Digital Phone Service, Business Telephone Systems, Security Systems, IT Management Services and Wireless Communications. DFT has proven itself as a premier service provider in Chautauqua County and throughout Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the services offered by DFT Communications by going to