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5 Reasons You Need to try Managed Wi-Fi from Netsync.

With the importance a strong Internet connection plays in our daily lives, it is frustrating when your connection is weak or drops entirely. Many people are surprised to learn that these problems aren’t always a result of your internet service provider’s service. Our Netsync IT specialists have found that more often than not a poor Internet connection is actually the result of a poor Wi-Fi signal or an outdated router.


Netsync IT Services provides a solution to a poor Wi-Fi signal with Managed Wi-Fi. Using the latest innovations in Wi-Fi technology from out partner Calix™, Netsync can provide our customers with a superior Wi-Fi connection for all of their devices. Here are 5 reasons why you should try Managed Wi-Fi today:


Managed Wi-Fi routers can adapt to interferences from outside sources.


A Calix 804Mesh (left) can be used in conjunction with the Calix GigaCenter (right) to expand your Wi-Fi network into all corners of your home.

When Wi-Fi signals using the same frequency overlap, it can cause interference in your connection. This problem frequently occurs in apartment buildings, homes that are close together, or even if your neighbor’s router has a wider range than yours. The Calix GigaCenter used with Managed Wi-Fi can detect when other signals are hampering yours and will switch to another less crowded frequency. Best of all, this happens automatically without any interruption to your service.


Managed Wi-Fi routers can handle more devices than a basic router.


The number of devices we have connected to our wireless networks increases every day. As more and more people invest in smart-home technology, the need to have a router that can handle multiple devices becomes more important. A managed Wi-Fi router can handle more devices connecting to it at once than a standard router. This helps with slowdowns in your service.


When you do have issues, it is easier to troubleshoot what the problem is.


Managed Wi-Fi routers have a convenient dashboard for our support team. Through this, they can see exactly what the problem is and where it is happening in your connection. Maybe your modem isn’t getting service to your router. Or maybe the problem is a connection between the router and your device. Netsync’s support team is able to see where the connection issues are occurring in your system and resolve the problems quickly and efficiently. This can often be dome remotely with no need for a service call.


You may save money in the long run.


Aside from what you save on service calls, you may discover that with an efficient Wi-Fi network you may not need the current internet package you have with your provider. Internet packages with higher download speeds are more expensive. Often times they are more than you actually need. Basic activities like browsing the web or going on social media don’t require as much bandwidth. With Managed Wi-Fi you may find that you can still be satisfied with your service, even if you downgrade.


It’s easy to try at no risk.


Managed Wi-Fi costs as low as $9.95 a month. It’s an affordable and convenient way to improve your Internet service. And for a limited time DFT Communications customers can try Managed Wi-Fi free for three months. Give our customer service team a call at 716-673-3000 today to learn more.*


For more information on Managed Wi-Fi from Netsync IT Services or any of our other services, visit us online at, or by phone at 716-673-3000. Netsync IT Services is a part of the DFT Communications family of companies. DFT Communications is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving WNY and northern PA for 121 years.


*Offer applies to existing DFT Communications Internet service customers only. Geographic limitations may apply. Eligible customers will receive Managed Wi-Fi free for three months. DFT Communications will bill customer at the standard monthly rate for Managed Wi-Fi Service, unless they call 716-673-3000 to cancel the service after the three month promotional period. You may call in to cancel at any time.