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Fiber-Optic Internet is Changing How We Experience Broadband

Following the completion of the New York State Rural Broadband Grant funded expansion of fiber-optic internet throughout underserved communities in Chautauqua County, DFT Communications began our Fiber in Fredonia project in 2020. The goal of this project has been to expand our fiber-optic network throughout the Village of Fredonia and surrounding areas. After two long years of planning, hard-work, and adapting to new complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to say the end is in sight. Having completed our first three phases of construction, we now look forward to completing our fourth phase by the end of 2022.


Fiber-optic internet provides a game-changing technological advancement for our community. Unlike older broadband technologies, fiber-optic internet uses strands of thin glass, and transmits data via light. This method allows for substantially faster transmission of data both to and from devices. Unlike older technologies, fiber internet is capable of synchronous speeds – where the download speed of your internet connection is equal to your upload speed. With a coax-based connection, the upload speed you receive is significantly lower than your download speeds – something cable companies try to hide in fine print.


Having faster upload speeds has become more important as many have had to adapt to digital lifestyles. Your upload speeds affect how fast data travels from your devices, back to the internet. Posting videos, transferring files, and especially using video chat programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams all rely on having fast upload speeds to function.


Beyond the technological benefits of fiber-optic internet, it can also help support homeowners by providing an increase in their property value. A study from the Fiber Broadband Association found that that having access to a fiber-optic internet connection may increase a home’s value by up to 3.1%.* The average value of a home in the Village of Fredonia as of July 2022 is $185,458.† Meaning on average the value of a home in Fredonia with a fiber connection could increase by as much as $5,749.20. That’s roughly the same added value a homeowner might get by adding a fireplace or half bathroom to their home. The key difference is adding a fiber optic connection requires little to no additional investment or construction on the homeowner’s part.


As we draw closer to the completion of our Fiber in Fredonia project, we at DFT are excited for the new opportunities this will bring our community. We look forward to the future projects and expansions this will open the door to, and are committed to continuing our efforts to serve Chautauqua County with the latest broadband and communications technologies.