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Most Common Troubleshooting Issues

You’ve done everything you can do. Unplugged and replugged in cables. Popped out the battery. Held down the reset button. But when you have a slow computer or that dreaded blue screen of death appears, there’s only one place left to turn: Tech Support. But rest assured. This team has heard almost everything before. Some challenges are trickier than others, but if you’re patient and you provide good information, even the most complicated issues– like these!–can be resolved with a single call.


1. My internet is SO slow.


Environmental conditions may have some impact on speed, but most often the culprits are viruses or spyware. Make sure you used a solid anti-virus software, avoid disreputable sites, and never click on suspect links. If you’re confident that your browsing history is safe, you may need a tech to come out and inspect your cables and even exterior wires.


2. I have a slow computer too!


Try closing a few windows. As in the first issue, reduction in speed may also be the result of malware which can attack applications not related to the internet. Be proactive to protect yourself, but also run diagnostics to ensure your machine is clean if your operating speed is noticeably slower.


3. My computer is making terrible noises.


Most often, a grinding or clicking sound is a fan that needs to be replaced, however, the issue could also be a hard drive in need of replacing. Back up your hard drive and, unless you feel qualified to take your machine apart, call someone for repair or replacement.


4. My Wi-Fi works better in some rooms than others.


Try placing your router as close to the center of your home or office as possible.  If you’re in a place where other signals might be competing for the same space, consider changing the channel.


5. I lost my Wi-Fi password.


The good news is you didn’t compromise security by writing your password down near your keyboard. The bad news is you’ll need to complete a factory reset. Grab a pin or pencil and use it to hold down the switch at the back of the router. Hold down for 30 seconds and then you can reset your password.


With a little experience, you can begin troubleshooting your own technical issues, but for now, have confidence in your tech team and know it’s nearly impossible to surprise or stump these pros with your concerns. Just be honest, provide as much data as you can, and tell them what steps you’ve already completed. They’ll have you back up and running in no time.