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New Website Shows Chautauqua County is Open for Business

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating to our local businesses. Even as we finally begin to re-open, it can be a struggle to find which business are open and to what extent. Online listings vary and not every business in our community has a website of their own to let the public know their re-opening status.


To help bridge this gap DFT Communications, in partnership with Chadwick Bay Broadcasting, has created a new website for Chautauqua County businesses. is a one-stop directory of Chautauqua County businesses big and small. Local businesses can sign up and post a listing to let the community know their hours, what services they are offering and any other details of their re-opening process. Listings can be created for both business locations and local events at this time. This service is 100% free to the community. There is no charge to post any number of listings.


The services of this website are intended to extend long after COVID-19 has passed. The goal for is to give our community a place to go to learn about local businesses, and to see what Chautauqua County has to offer. From gift shops, to salons, to bakeries, theaters and more. is a place the community can go to find a local option for any of their needs. Unlike other directory websites like Yelp and Google, is specifically focused on Chautauqua County businesses.


“At DFT Communications, we have always striven to be a strong community partner,” said Kurt Maytum, President and CTO of DFT Communications. “During this unprecedented time we have made an effort to continue to find new ways to support our fellow local businesses who are struggling. is our way of connecting the community with our local businesses.”


All Chautauqua County businesses are invited to create an account and post listings for their business. For anyone having trouble getting started, they have step-by-step tutorials available for both creating and claiming a listing.


Start exploring or post your FREE listing today at and let’s show everyone that Chautauqua County is ready and open for business!